Friday, May 6, 2011

Always be prepared

I don’t know if we ever completely lose the jitters before performing but I do know if we are prepared it is a darn site less nerve racking.
Music is repetition.  Learning the instrument, learning the lyric, putting it all together, pulling it apart, refining it all then combining the packages to make one complete product of each song in our repetiore”.
The more sure we are of what we are doing the less we have to think. The less we have to think the less we have to panic.  We have no time on stage to think about what the next chord or lyric is, we have to focus on our audience and create the connection with them.  It’s for them we are there, leave the ME in the wings or the carpark.

Practice, Rehearse, Perform, three stages of preparation.
Be who you are not what you or someone else thinks you should be or would like to be.
Always arrive prepared!!  You then have the opportunity to enjoy yourself because that is what it’s all about when it comes down to the bottom line.  Having fun and sharing the moments!!

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