Friday, May 6, 2011

Little things that make me australian

I constantly keep reminding myself to be who I am in performance.  Sometimes it’s hard because by human nature we strive to be something more.  I advise,  not teach the students I deal with.  I highlight small windows of knowledge that I hope they will adjust and implement to their particular style as they develop. Outstanding entertainers develop themselves with the “who they are”.
I work with Artists in the making.  Australian Artists in the making.

One small facet of delivery that creates a challenge to me in our students is their diction and pronunciation.  I am forever correcting the pronunciation of the small words like last, past, carrrr etc..  The finishing of words the rounding of notes and tones, so important in the development of style and who we are.  We are very influenced by America, the great nation,  but need to stay true to our origin, it’s the core of who we are!!, Australian Artists..  Every person I have spoken to with regard to American music or travel has emphasised that Americans love the Australian accent. Why do we not sing with it? Many may disagree with me but as a child under the teaching and guidance of Mr. Dick Stevens and Miss Sandra Breen, founders of Kids Incorporated, I was conditioned to be very particular with pronunciation and diction.  It is a minor facet of performance delivery but a cutting edge in refinement.
A comment I often hear as I correct the students is “Kasey, Catherine or Kieth say it like that . Listening to their music I hear that they do. I would like to instigate the change that highlights our Australian origin in the delivery of songs whether they be American or Australian.  I never hear an American artist trying to pronounce their lyrics like an Australian.
I would like to think that here at the Australian Institute of Country Music we encourage students to deliver their music with their Australian flavor.  It’s unique and with proper pronunciation, diction, rounding of notes and tone becomes a very beautiful thing.
Love Australia and all the great things it has to offer!!!!!!

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