Monday, May 16, 2011

Making time

This post is for all those who have a passion to perform but continually have difficulty in managing time frames.  Time frames that allow the growth to flourish.  There can be so many set backs and at times we will inevitably feel defeated, deflated and even a little depressed.  Well shake off that negative energy and go forth in order to succeed.

This post has been born from a personal experience only this past week, an experience that my educator tells me I will continually have to face.  With that in mind I have had to really assess my application in order to continually improve what I do on and off the stage.  In order to keep it real we have to be honest with ourselves and pursue what we are best at.  If we wish to achieve across few areas then we need to be able to manage our schedules of learning in application.
Like any other person working feverishly to achieve their goals I struggle with time management.  Currently studying, teaching, performing and dealing with domestic obligations I am not always finding time to woodshed the components of my performance delivery.  There are days when frustration and anger over ride the productivity of this path and alas nothing is achieved.  A cure is as always,  easier said than done.  We have to learn to keep smiling on these days, we have to discipline ourselves to maintain productivity.
My first step to defeat these emotions is to assess my schedule and cross out all the unnecessary elements.  I then need to look at prioritising the facets of my daily routine.  If my scheduled classes are in the afternoon then I need to apply myself in the earlier part of the day and commit to working on MY craft.  I need to allocate time for ME and MINE.  It may sound selfish but in the past year I have dedicated much of my time to others and the development of their craft.  Some have committed and constantly improve and some have not applied much of what they have been taught and continue to struggle with the freedom of knowledge.  I can not waste any more of MY time in these instances and I suggest that if you experience situations such as this you do the same. They become the first scratchings of a daily schedule.
The next thing is to omit the negativity of piers.  Not everyone is out to support you even though to your face they appear to be really encouraging about what you do.  What we get from these supporters seems positive but is in fact a two faced approach to hoping you crash and burn.   Their false support can put a spanner in your works,  filling your head with masses of personal doubt and reducing your drive for your passion if only momentarily.  It is sometimes hard to see these snakes in the grass.  They eventually slip up and come out to the open showing their true colors.  Such persecution from our piers is in reality proof of their personal insecurity.  Unfortunate fools misguiding their energies in order to make themselves feel a little better about who they are and what they haven’t achieved.
We do not need a huge entourage of supporters we need a close group who understand and appreciate you, what you do and what you are working towards.  In time you will filter the noxious weeds out and good riddens to them.  Be aware and be selective about who who allow into your circle of support, one bad apple can spoil the batch affecting your progress.  Remember your goals and your aspirations they are the most important elements of your growth.
The next consideration is to seek assistance from those who know!  So many times we listen to the wrong people and that has got to stop!  Seek tutoring and mentoring from the people who get results.  They may not know everything and may not have been a tutor forever but THEY CAN GET RESULTS.  This may cost. Spend wisely and spend once.
A prime example of this is a situation I have experienced in vocal coaching.  After spending good money for coaching I now realise that not everything I was initially taught was the correct approach for me.  It becomes an expensive non productive exercise if it doesn’t improve what you do.  Teaching styles have changed and you need to take a modern look at how things are approached in today’s world.  I don’t want to sing like Carrie Underwood I want to sing like ME.  Find the coach that will help you do that.  You also need to consider what style of singing you wish to achieve.  I want to sing country and popular songs so I need a coach that is going to teach me how to give light and shade to my tones without aggressively approaching the melodies.  Sing effortlessly and sing forever.
Currently I am tutoring beginners guitar because that is the level of ability I have worked hard to achieve.  I have attained that level because I have listened and taken onboard what my tutors have taught in my classes. I am a new kid on the block but with my small bank of students I am seeing results.  As a tutor I need to be able to see those results because if I don’t recognise the students progress I am unable to recognise areas that I have not addressed.  As a tutor it is my obligation to nurture the students talent and guide it in a positive direction.  Regrettably some tutors are wrapped up in their own goals and look at their students as their accomplishments.   As tutors we are merely the guide to student achievement.
The next thing I need to address is “The Diary“.  Without it days will become a mismatch of non productive time frames.  I need to schedule my class times, my student’s class times, my blog times, my performance times, my research times, my woodshedding times and of course my personal times.  You will need to look at your schedule and adjust the facets of what you need to do.
Prioritise your schedule in blocks of what you need to achieve initially.  There are stepping stones in every profession and we must tick the boxes as we go.  Do what is necessary first.  Some days are endless with responsibility but to achieve the goals you want to achieve you must apply yourself,  especially if you are assisting and guiding others to do the same.
By making time and structuring your schedule with only positive and productive facets you will free up time frames that allow you to go the extra mile.
In order to develop as a performer the hard work must be done behind the scenes.  We need to structure our daily routines in order to fit it all in.
I suppose the message I am delivering today is “ Focus on the Internal not the External“.  Nothing is unachievable and if you want something so badly that you can almost taste it you can find time to fit it into your schedule.  You just need to reassess your time management skills in order to manage yourself.  Time wasted is your time lost so filter through and structure your application.  Good luck and remain focused on what you want to achieve.

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