Friday, May 6, 2011

Just let it happen

One of the biggest restrictions to our movement when performing is the fear of how we look, I know I’ve said it before and I know, heaps of times.  Remember music is repetition!
As a performer adapting movement and implementing it on stage is the next step after you get the hang of delivering the song as the story.  Adapting and implementing the dynamics.
Working with a young student just the other day I began to jump around.  The script and the melody of the song she was singing directed me to do it.  To me it was an uncrontolable urge, to her it seemed silly, at first.

As a performer,  the next step after learning to deliver the song as the story is adapting the dynamics.  I couldn’t help it, yet it was difficult for her to even lift her leg.     Ahh!  youth and all the inhibitions! By the time we had finished the class I had done a work out and she was beginning to loosen up enough to start bopping too. The young lady was really starting to loosen up and I could see the chains being unlocked.  I could see a new depth and dimension to her smiles, her body language and her facial expressions, it was awesome!  I could actually see that she was having a good time with her songs. That’s what an audience wants to see!!
We are directors from the stage and whether we have 3 or 300 people in our audience we are in charge of how their experience with us will evolve.  If it’s a fun song have fun, if it’s a testimonial song send it from the heart etc etc.. The audience will be engaged with what you are delivering if you release the inhibitions, and go with the “ let it happen!!”.  In your heart, if you are aspiring to being a performer,  I know that you want to!!

Music is repetition everything about learning it and delivering it is repetitious. Because we love it,  we do it!  As we develop as PERFORMING ARTISTS it becomes easier to go into the delivery zone.  Our zone, the zone that is specific to our style, our personality, you are delivering the “this is me”  in the hope that the audiences you encounter will like you and what you do.  Do you want to be a player or a performer?  There is such a mammoth difference.
To fast track development you must get the groove thing happening.  Find your zone in every song that you sing and JUST LET IT HAPPEN. If you are carrying inhibition in your luggage “get rid of it“!, it weighs you down and restricts your growth.  Fast track your path to where you want to be!!
You are the only one that can do it, so JUST LET IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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