Friday, May 6, 2011

Silence is golden

We live in a world of white noise, always something filling our airwaves to distract us from the soul inside.  What can we find in silence?   Growth, personal growth.
Silence creates a personal space, a personal space to communicate with ourselves.  A place where we can deal with the who we are, a place where we can redirect our path and manage our future steps, a place where we can privately analyse the me.  A place that delivers satisfaction through truth, an honest retreat, a personal haven.

It has only been in the last few years that I have discovered how golden, finding silence can be.  How rewarding the sitting back, listening, absorbing can be!  An attention seeker almost all of my life, it’s been an eye opener.  I’ve never really found satisfaction in personal silence but through life’s  twists and turns, music and the emotional connections it delivers, I’ve discovered my attitudes and approaches have changed, making me more comfortable with my own space, more assured of who I am. I’ve located the silent haven within me and found another person.  A better person, a person who has the capabilities to grow spiritually.
The true essence of our soul desperately needs silence to grow.

External noise, that we have become so used to, distracts us from the inner self.  It’s like a disease that penetrates and then restricts inner growth and healing.  Creating personal silence can be confronting, displaying raw truth, a personal stand off in a way.  A space where we have to learn to accept, a place where we learn to understand, a place where we can reflect and redirect.  It is a place where we pursue and strengthen our inner courage and relinquish our exterior fears.
I encourage you to find a pleasant spot, a private place, a place that will allow you to seek and listen to  silence.  Allow that environment assist your emotions in finding silence and all the amazing knowledge and beauty it has to expose.

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