Monday, May 16, 2011

Two days with tom jackson

I’m exhausted but so inspired!! I have been watching Tom Jackson dvd’s for a few months now but there is nothing like the real thing. Wow, that man waves his magic method and whoolah the lights flash and the whistles blow. A tweek here and a turn around there and look out baby it’s a whole new show.

I have been humbled by the experience and realise how much work I have to do. There was some absolutely amazing talent, actually it was all amazing talent and everyone attending had something special to offer. I had travelled the farthest, there were people from all over America with a big emphasis on religion and message music. The task now is to work out how to balance the implementation of affiliation. It will become one of my goals to grow the concept of “Tom Jackson Live Music Methods” initially at the AICM, making the results of his teachings so apparent that it generates interest and spreads like wildfire throughout Australian educaction and entertainment arenas. I want to be the girl they call in Australia when they want to apply Tom’s Music Methods. Affiliation makes it possible but I have to make it reality!!!
I also, with new inspiration, need to work on my own passions and develop as a singer, guitarist and songwriter. After this weekend I know it would be difficult for me to be effective as a teacher if I were watching everyone do what I love doing but wasn’t doing. I will need to be diligent in my application, strategically placing and managing my priorities.
Day 1 was all about the planning, the creation, the fundamentals, the setting of foundations. The how of the how to build your craft. It was like a freight train reality. The reality of the diligence and honest self evaluation that is required to get where you want to go. Attending a “Tom Jackson Music Methods Bootcamp” opens your eyes to the things that you are not doing and clearly outlines the things you should be doing. It is a 10,000 hour project. After evaluation I am just teetering on 5,000 hours completed thus far. I have masses of work to do developing my core craft and half of that amount again on my performance delivery, but that’s ok.
Also discussed in depth was VISION. Where do you want your music to go? Each one of us that makes the choice to become a performer needs to consider VISION. The where do we want to go with this and how far are we willing to go to get it there. Then we have to the apply the energy and perseverance to get there. No one else can do this for us.
We enjoyed a presentation from Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR. A New York based digital firm that connects artists, authors and film makers to blogs, podcasts, internet radio stations and social media sites. Ariel was very informative discussing the overall concepts of cyber marketing. Music Success In Nine Weeks, this is a step by step guide on how to use Social Media to increase your fan base and your income. With a background in PR and Artist Management she certainly knew what she was talking about but, as she stated, you need to be diligent and focused following a plan and staying positive.
There was so much more to the day but I can not reveal all the secrets, there will be nothing left for me to teach.
Day 2 was just as jam packed with band makeovers being a large focus of the day. The “magic method” turned performances around in hour long sessions with artists that were ready to go to the next level. I watched one band, a Rock Band become Rock Stars, it was the most thrilling experience as an observer. I want to do that with my students but they have to let me. You have to work with artists that want to let it happen, artists that are ready to go to the next level. Artists that have a vision coupled with determination and humility. Vision and determination reduces the fear factor, it doesn’t take it away. You have to be willing to take chances.
We were taken in depth through designing set lists, rating songs, the 7 deadly sins. It was very full on. Our guest presenter today was singing coach to the stars, Mr Brett Manning. He showed the new techniques in voice control, blending and projection. So much to learn and redo. All in all it has been a very intense couple of days with a group of great people that drink sweet tea and eat grits, Southern Style.
Before signing off I must mention the wonderful food that was served, it was fresh, well prepared and plenty of it. Tom’s team are equally as magical as the man himself. The venue was unbelievable. Taylor Swift was in room 2 and Kings of Leon will be in on Monday, Robert Plant just spent time there and any big artist you could think of uses the facilities there on a regular basis. It is a rehearsal venue that has all the stage facilities of an open air concert with the capacity of hosting 3 or 4 bands at any one time. It is huge!
I was allowed to recorded a little bit of footage,the guitar room, drum room, amps, speakers etc, it is a sensational facility and the staff better than good. Naturally it is a place that is not advertised in the local rag for obvious reasons. The people in this part of the world are some of the friendliest I have come across in my life, it is all a really wonderful experience.

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