Friday, May 6, 2011

Music bloggers

Calling all MUSIC BLOGGERS, it doesn’t even have to be country but MUSIC PLEASE.
We have all been so busy at the Australian Institute of Country Music that finding time to blog has been difficult.  With this years Muster having been and gone there should be a little more time to focus on maintaining this blog.
If you have never been to the Gympie Music Muster do yourself a favour and plan a trip to it.  Each year it just gets bigger and more exciting.
The AICM helps out in the Maton Talent Search venue and it was a very busy few days for the wonderful volunteers from our community.  In fact without volunteers there would be a lot of work not getting done at the Muster.  Congratulations to all the organisations and their helpers for a job very well done.  A great job done by all and proof that many hands make light work.  Thank you to all and sundry for the assistance that was given under the banner of the Australian Institute of Country Music, look forward to doing it all again next year.

Now back to this blogging situation.  WHERE ARE ALL THE MUSIC BLOGGERS GONE!!!!!!!!  I apologise to the people that are using this site for other than music blogs but hey what’s it all about and where are you guys and girls from?
I would like to invite musically minded people to join the blog and share information and experiences that we can all grow from.
AICM home site is currently under reconstruction, renovation if you like as we have some wonderful new people on board upgrading our online image.  It will be back shortly with all the info and educational facilities as before but there will be much much more!!!  Keep an eye out
Don’t forget if you are looking for entertainers, sound engineering, recording facilities, guitar, performance, keyboard or drum classes, photography etc., feel free to give us all a call on,            54812355                                                                                        
Come on music lovers GET BLOGGING  and share some info and tips

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