Friday, May 6, 2011


I spend Thursday of each week at the AICM with a bunch of senior students from various high schools in our town, Certificate 3 in music has been their choice of music education in their final years of school.  When I leave the building I wonder sometimes why particular students have made that choice.  Will they get to an older age and regret that they didn’t approach this class with dedication and zest utilizing it as part of the foundation in their future?

At 50 I can look back through my years and recognise where I lacked commitment and neglected the foundations.  The “if only” so many of us feel as we get older.  Hindsight can be a bitter pill.  How do we help them see that making the correct choices now will reduce the amount of bitter pills they have to swallow as they get older?
There are so many open doors, everything there at the tip of our fingers!  How do we encourage the kids to step through the right doors and seek the good things that are on offer and then commit to absorbing and applying the knowledge?  At the end of the day it will be their choice not our expectation that prevails.
It is the endeavor of the AICM Organisation and staff to encourage our students to make correct choices by introducing and exploring the creative avenues within the entertainment industry.  Offering a relaxed positive thinking environment, we are committed to extending the common courtesies applicable to society in our classrooms and through guidance and some days perseverance, we hope that these courtesies will become a part of their everyday journey when dealing with others.
A young student mentioned “compromise”  just yesterday.  Throughout life we discover that the day to day experiences we share with people around us is all about compromise.  Learning and understanding the how and when of give and take.  When to sit back and when to step up. What foundations have we established within ourselves to be recognised as a serious player when it comes to compromising?
We were the same as they are today, it was just a different era.  Knowing everything, non accepting of the advice from older people, rebellious, disruptive and challenging, all part of the age group, all part of growing up and discovering and developing who we are.  The only difference perhaps, the boundaries, and how far we could push without consequence?  Will the consequence of our choice leave a lasting scar in our memory?  Will our choice create a consequence that may scar the memory of someone else?
Have you checked your boundaries lately and do they need to be reassessed and modified?
Consider consequences before you make choices.
Develop your capabilities on solid foundations!

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