Friday, May 6, 2011

Aura and Energy

We sometimes meet artists who exude an amazing aura. They have something special, an unexplainable vibe that makes us feel comfortable around them, they make us feel good, they give us a buzz. If you are a passionate performer it is likely you have a personality that has a distinctive aura. The YOU factor. Audiences want to have access to the you in you. Throughout our development as artists we learn to give that part of us to them.

Wanting to share, wanting to connect, wanting to make a difference with your music, all of these things create an energy behind your aura. The amount of passion and drive you have within will determine the energy behind your aura.  From the stage, using the you in you, you can establish connections with an audience as you deliver your songs, making it special.  At the beginning of your journey it may be a little difficult due to nerves, inhibitions, self doubt etc. etc.  As you grow as an artist, by staying true to you, you learn that that particular part of your dna has the ability to establish lasting relationships with people that you may not often see and may never know personally.
One of the first things to consider and maintain when developing you as an artist is to be happy with you and what you have to give. What you have to give may not be the same as a person you may aspire to but it is the you and that’s the most important thing.  Never forsake the you in you in the search for what others have or do because they already have it and they’ve already done it.
The you factor is the foundation of your path as an artist.  Everything else develops from there. Your talent, your style and your presence.  Be happy being you and all else evolves in a natural progression.  Who you are becomes greater than what you can do.

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