Friday, May 6, 2011

How do i find my comfort zone

. Be Yourself, be confident in yourself and what you do, select a repitiore’ that is you and your style, relax and focus on the job at hand. The How is in the practice and establishing muscle memories and habits. Put together a selection of songs that effect you personally. Compile the playlist. A couple of slow songs to begin with and increase the moods of the melodies as the playlist progresses. Find a private place and put the music on. In your room, out in the paddock anywhere you will feel comfortable. Starting with something slow and soothing, release the part of you that is connected to that particular melody.

Only you around, feeling goofy  is out, so relax and enjoy.
With gentle movements work your head and shoulder areas by rotating and rolling your bones. You can sit on the floor, stand up the decisions are yours.  Very low impact movement but relaxing.  As the music plays on extend your arms and reach.  Reach to the side, to the front, up, down. It’s working when you can feel the melody through your body extensions, reach out extending the core of the melody then gently pull it back in close to you.  You should begin to feel emotionally connected to the melody, in the zone! As the moods of the songs on the playlist increase so should your movements.  Every part of you should be feeling the beat as you go along and if your compilation is structured correctly by the 9th or 10th song you should be really getting into it.  Skipping, spinning, jumping, kicking, bending as much of you as you can.  It doesn’t have to be choreographed dance or exercise steps, remember it is an exercise simply to introduce our bodies to movement through melody.  Totally engrossed in the melody and feeling it to the core.  Freedom.  You will feel exhilarated and inspired!!!
This is an ideal exercise because the song selection is yours, there’s only you thus enabling you to have total control and go at your own pace.  Even if you don’t use any of the movements you have created during this exercise on stage, it will identify, to you, the freedom you can establish with lyric and melody.  If you are a non mover you should be doing this exercise frequently creating movement habits that are not inhibited by the “I don’t dance” attitude.  There are several ways to move across a stage in order to connect with the audience and include everyone. Whether you are with or without an instrument, standing or sitting down, I feel it is important to become one with melody first. Find the Freedom.
If your reaching for the stars then you physically have to reach!  Each song in your repitiore’ is a story and it is that story we need to connect with. Take it on board, feel it, understand it.  As we learn to connect with the songs through movement our body language allows our audiences to connect with us.

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