Friday, May 6, 2011

What Didn’t I Do? Why Didn’t I Get Placed?

A question often asked by students and parents of students who have competed in competitions but have not gained a place.
It is not a question of what didn’t the student do but what did they do!
  1. Did they remember all their lyric?
  2. Did they play their chosen instrument to the very best of their ability?
  3. Did they connect with the audience through lyric and melody?
  4. Did they make an effort to dress for the performance?
  5. Did they have fun?

If all these questions have been answered in the positive they have done nothing wrong and even if there have been little hiccups throughout the performance it still does not mean that they have done something wrong.
Competitions are not the be all and end all of developing as an artist.  Sure they are a great way of gaining onstage experience but they sometimes can be detrimental to the growth of our confidence. Confidence being an extremely important part of becoming a performer.
How do we really know what individual judges are looking for?  How do we satisfy all of the judges expectations?  It is not an easy task and often if you are not a circuit performer regardless of your talent you don’t stand a chance.
The priority of any performance is to have fun and extend that emotion to the audience, that way they will remember the people that may not have been placed.
Please understand that if you are a developing artist and you are confident that you are putting all your passion and effort into becoming “The Performer” never be disheartened by not securing a place in talent quests.
Watch and learn from what others do but develop as yourself and you will stand more chance of being recognised as an individual artist.
Remember that it all begins with immitation then as we grow imagination and innovation click in and we begin developing as an individual artist,  adding our personal signatures to the performances we deliver.
Above all remember the fun factor, hold fast to that because if you lose it you may stall your growth.
Keep on working on the “who you are, not what others think you should or could be”.  Your audiences will let you know if you are heading in the right direction and their opinion really counts!

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