Monday, May 16, 2011

The fear of change and chance

It seems each and everyone of us has a degree of trouble dealing with CHANGE when we are comfortable with situations and things as they are. We also battle with the thought of having to step out of our comfort zone and take a CHANCE on something unknown or unfamiliar.  There is a simple one word explanation, “human”.  Thank heavens for that, it’s not just me!
This week I have experienced moments with people when the reality of this fear has hit home with me. Ahhhh, there is such enlightenment with age.
With the pace of change in everything that surrounds our day to day operation, business and personal, how can we not face the challenge of change with an accepting mind.

I see it sometimes in the classroom.  Students have heard a song and they feel that they need to deliver it the same way as they have heard it.  At times not even considering the improvements possible when changing the key.  9 times out of 10 they will have heard it on the radio.  Initially not considering that it has been structured for airplay it is not evident to them that it can be so much and needs to be more in a live show.  Add a bit here, move a verse or chorus around, extend the lead break etc etc.  There are so many options, only the imagination can limit the prospects.
The point I am trying to extend here is that if something is or has been a certain way and change is imminent and often necessary analyse the big picture and see what parts can be amalgamated to deliver a super product. In our consumable lifestyle change is necessary and we need to be accepting to the concept in order to keep up with the times.
Take a chance on change and enjoy the benefits of things developing into something new.
Maintain the exact same approach to your show.  Just because you haven’t done it doesn’t always mean you can’t do it.  We have so many hang ups in the learning stages of our OnStage craft.  Without taking chances this craft will never fully develop and you will always find the hole in the stage in your performance.
If you have a passion to achieve your vision you need to take chances.  Take the chance that some joker in the audience is not into what your doing or they don’t like your look or some such thing. Take the chance because you’re the one having a great time doing what you love and you are doing it all the way it should be done.  I say what’s not to like there.
Confidence is a very powerful tool and allows you to take chances. In Tom Jackson’s curriculum you will learn how to become comfortable in your own skin when you are performing.  You will experience and develop a confidence that encourages you to take chances.
I hope this little summary of little things I have experienced this week sits in your mind if you are a budding artist.  Take it onboard and see for yourself how much more you can achieve with a positive approach to Change and Chance.

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