Friday, May 6, 2011

Excitement and Vision

What is life without vision?  Not much!  What is life without excitement?  Boring!!  The same applies to our shows. The same applies to audience reaction.   We are the ones, as performers, that have to be excited, we have to have the vision of making it special, an extension and delivery of who we are.  It is up to us!!!  Rely on yourself and be yourself.  If music is in your DNA it is not a hard task.
In the beginning of our careers we look for assistance to create our shows, we look for support to develop the who we are and the what our shows will be.  What happens if we are not excited about the big picture of what we do? The whole thing, the big picture,  will become stagnant, like a river in drought, going nowhere. Our excitement and vision are the biggest feeders of our development.  The ability to dream is a powerful resource and the best part of dreaming is that it is FREE!

The cost is not a dollar value, it is personal. it’s the effort we put into turning dreams into reality.  We are the captains of our vessel.  The keepers and creators of our own destiny, something I say so many times.  Something that has taken me a long time to put into practice, but great things happen once you do.
Get excited!! every show is different, every audience is different but we are the same person every time we go out to perform. We may have different material to deliver, we may have different clothes or hair but we are the same person.  You can establish a connection with any audience the minute you walk out on stage if you are excited about what you do.  People respond to body language and if you are excited it will have a roll on effect, exciting your audience.  Makes sense hey!!
Imagination creates the vision.   Imagination, another inexpensive but powerful tool.  It’s the vision of what we want to do.  “Just imagine”, how many times have people said that?  My imagination drives my vision.  I have to see it first in my head and then I have to work out how to deliver the visual reality of what I am seeing.  If I imagine my show will be a certain way then I can create the vision of what it will be through drive and determination.   I can create the reality of the vision.

The powers of positive thought are endless if we engage the practice.

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