Monday, May 16, 2011

Sound investment

Many times we spend sums of money on things and watch our purchased goods or materials wear out, be thrown out or simply the novelty has worn out so they get passed off or put away.  Money the eternal evil.  We are at times really frivolous with it and buy the unnecessary. As we develop our OnStage Craft we appreciate the value of good tuition, equipment, clothes etc. that we need to purchase yet we baulk at the thought of spending the money.   We can be scroogy and hesitate.
Major mistake!
OnStage Craft development to anyone wishing to create their position in the workforce of the Music Industry is an area that should never be short changed.  Commitment costs money.
Singers need to clearly understand how the voice works and the necessary elements required to protect and develop the skill of singing.  Did you know that a singer should consume 2 litres of tepid water per day in order to keep their vocal folds moist?  Are you aware of techniques that allow you to reach an octave above what you are currently comfortable with?  Maybe and maybe not but if you do not seek professional assistance you will never know.  Such professional help doesn’t come cheap.  Such tutors have spent many dollars in developing their craft so that in itself warrants the spend.
I attended a workshop with Tom Jackson, and was blown away by the 1 hour delivery from Brett Manning,  It was inspiring to a person of 50 years to see another of similar age reach notes she was unaware she was capable of attaining.  A lifetime of not knowing what you can attain,  imagine that hey.  We get locked in a comfort zone and then someone like Tom or Brett turn the keys and open new doors that encourage students to take chances on having a go on a new perspective.         A new zest for our passion is born.
This month we will host another who is acclaimed in the field of vocal technique.  Renee Grant-Williams,, also from Nashville Tennessee, will deliver an all day workshop in our Auditorium come the 31st of March, 2011.  I am of the understanding that similar techniques will be disclosed to those in attendance.  The cost is not expensive but any extra funds are hard to justify in these harsh economic times.  The benefits will last forever and generate your development so that in itself makes it worthwhile.
If you are a budding singer I urge you to justify such a spend on such an expense because what will be delivered and demonstrated is not found on the back of a Weet-Bix packet.
If you have checked out the above website links you will see that these people are in a fraternity of their own.  They are specialists in their field and have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the success that their businesses generate.  Their largest fulfillment I suggest may be the joy of seeing people like you and me that wish to create and maintain a successful career within the industry  SUCCEED.
Being a part of the development of an Artist is an ongoing reward to tutors and teachers. It is worth more than a million.  It just keeps getting better!!
I expect by now you are getting my drift.  Get the best, buy right and buy once!, a motto to keep at the forefront of you thoughts.
Equipment is another area to spend wisely on.  It too is another large expense.  Once again buy right,  buy once and build from there.  Take into consideration how many channels you will require, how big your venues may be and what power will be required to drive and evenly balance the output.  Brand is personal choice.  Investigate and explore lots of brands available.  Don’t be impulsive it will prove a costly mistake.
Instruments again the same policies apply.  Remember an instrument is of no use if you do not know how to operate it fashionably in order to get the best possible practical performance from it and with it.  Instruments are no value if they just look good they need to sing themselves whatever they may be.
The things mentioned above and more will become your tools.  The tools of your trade.  They are all an important part of your trade  OnStage.  When investing in creating and building your future don’t be tight.  When it comes to tuition, equipment and other items that will enhance and perfect the delivery of your craft be wise.  Don’t go second rate because you will then only be second rate.  You don’t want to have to double up on the expense at some time down the track.

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