Monday, May 16, 2011

The magic of studio B

Today I took a sixty minute guided tour of the historical Studio B. Built in 1957 by Dan Maddox, under the instruction of Mr Chet Atkins, at a cost of $37,515 it was to become the origin of at least 1.000 number 1 or top ten hits recorded in that particular era. Amazing, so simple by today’s standards but the birthplace of what is known as The Nashville Sound. A sound that saved Country Music as Rock and Roll and Pop Music hit the scene.

Great artists had stood where I stood today and I could sense the magic. The recorded memoirs of stories and clips were so moving it felt like one almost knew the people as if they were still there. With rising emotion my eyes filled with tears as the Guide relayed the brief history that 60 minutes allows. For someone that has really only been interested in Country Music for some 5 years I was overwhelmed as were the others in the group. I had not heard of some of the artists mentioned but somehow in my memory banks the short snippets of their songs brought to me an undiscovered recollection. Approximately 35,000 songs recorded with at least 1,000 of them becoming number 1 or rated somewhere in the top 10 on the charts. The magic remains and music is still being made in one way or another within the historic walls. If only they could talk.

Elvis was brought by RCA from Sun Studios, Memphis, for the sum of $35,000 dollars, he went on to be one of RCA’s greatest assets delivering hit after hit recording most of those songs in the state of the art simplicity of Studio B. Thirty-five thousand dollars was an astronomical amount of money in those times.

Other great artists that stood before where I stood today have been: Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, Dottie West, Ernest Tubb, Chet Atkins (founder of The Nashville Sound), Jim Reeves, Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride, The Jordinaires, Don Gibson and so many more. There were days that every song that was recorded in the sessions became a number 1 hit or there abouts.

When you see the simplicity of how these timeless hits were created, musicians and artists alike all in the same room with just baffles between them when necessary it makes you appreciate that you are standing amidst something that will remain a part of Musical History forever more.

Most of the instruments and equipment from those early days remain in Studio B lending another nostalgic moment to experienceand absorb. The floor is still covered with the same square patterned vinyl with the scuffs and scratches that the long gone traffic has left in their passing. Music told the stories of life, love, heartache and happiness and so much of that nostalgia remains within the walls of Studio B. Under Elvis Presley’s request mood lights were hung, red, blue and yellow, and they still shone today as bright as back then but with perhaps new bulbs over the years. Blue Christmas was recorded in July and we were told that the studio was decorated as if it were Christmas so the mood could be inspired. Just awesome stories. A truly wonderful experience.

Studio B is still used today for recording and as an educational facility in analogue training for the Belmont University. It’s great to know that these parts of musical history will never be lost. If you are ever in Nashville take the tour and connect with what these great artists left behind at Studio B. Feel what I felt today you will never forget it. Inspirational.

That’s not all!! The Country Music Hall of Fame is spectacular but I will fill you in on that in tomorrow’s blog. Thanks for reading share my link please, and start saving, this is a wonderful City!!!!!

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